Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are all the important things we have to say and mostly no one ever reads them. But hey, here you are. We didn’t want to just slap down some template that half the people on the internet use. If you read Our Pillars you will know we are all about honesty. We stand by what we say and we strongly believe in what we do. So have a read and hopefully it answers whatever questions you may have (if not just head to Contact Us). Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!


  1. What’s this site all about?

Basically, we are here to share our story, share our brands, share our products with you and, overall, help achieve our mission of improving the health consciousness of the world. Now, with all websites, by using them you are entering into an agreement between you (the customer) and us (Liquefy Health Pty Ltd, “we” or “us”). This agreement and our Terms and Conditions of use are outlined in more detail in the next points but basically it’s about what’s on this website, how to buy stuff, how to use the website, what you agree to do and not to do and your rights as a customer. We keep our Terms and Conditions updated so from time to time it will change. Please check back when you next visit our website to see if we have updated this page.


  1. About our content

Liquefy aims to inspire and influence the health consciousness of the world. We post content for your benefit on our website. We strive to only post accurate, reliable and current information for you. We stand by what we say and back ourselves but, understand, we are all only human and sometimes we may unintentionally make mistakes. If this is the case, please let us know on the Contact Us page so together we can make the world a healthier place. You agree we will not be liable for any unintentional errors or mistakes.


In some cases, there may be links to other people’s (third party) sites. These guys will have their own terms and conditions and policies separate to ours. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over these so we can’t vouch for their accuracy or reliability. But have a read of their terms and conditions and if there are any issues, please chat to their site owners, not us, as it is beyond our control. You agree we will not be liable for anything arising from your use of any third party websites or links.


We work hard to create content for our website that you guys want to read so, understandably, we don’t want people stealing our content. There are copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in place to protect us. You agree not to breach those rights or act in anyway unlawfully with our content. But we are all about sharing and spreading a positive message. So please by all means share our content with your friends, family, the world but, just be sure to acknowledge the original authors (in some cases this isn’t us but we will always reference the original author). At Liquefy, we value recognition and want to give kudos to the awesome people out there.


You will all be looking at our site through a different screen. Ours is different from yours, yours is different from the next person’s. This may mean that images we post of products can differ slightly to the real thing. We do our best to post the best representation of our product but understand that there are variances that are out of our control.


  1. Use of our site

We are all friends here. Please use our site with decency. We know you are all good people but sometimes we need reminding of what this means. You agree to not:

  • Interfere or attempt to interfere or disrupt the site or the servers or networks that host the site
  • Use or attempt to use data mining, robots, screen scraping or similar data gathering and extraction tools on the site
  • Interfere or attempt to interfere with security-related or other features of the site
  • Link our site or any part of our site in a way that damages or takes advantage of our reputation
  • Use our site in a way that is illegal, unlawful or unfair


Unless specified in our privacy policy, all communications from you to this website will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. We want to work together to ensure we have the best website, the best products and the best service. Together with your input we can help achieve a healthier world so we may utilise your comments, information, feedback and ideas you share with us.


To access some parts of the site, you may be asked to create an account. This is awesome because it means we can give you more information on health and our great range of products as well as other features not accessible through the main site. To register an account, its easy:

  • Click on Log In
  • Fill in the required fields accurately with your information, including but not limited to name, email, date of birth.
  • You must be over 18 to enter into a legally binding agreement with us

Just remember, this is your account and your account only. That means you are responsible for keeping your secret password a secret. We assume that the only person using your account is you, so you will be responsible for any activity on it, authorised or unauthorised. Please let us know if you think your account’s security has been compromised. We will, on a case by case basis, help investigate any fraudulent use of your account, but this is rare so please just keep your password and other information safe and secure.


  1. Laws

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. By using the Liquefy Website, you agree to resolve in the courts of New South Wales, Australia, any dispute that you may have with Liquefy, its suppliers or any other legal entity appearing in the Liquefy Website.


Thanks for reading. Please explore our website and join us to improve the health consciousness of the world.