OK Kombucha Lemonade (12 pack)
OK Kombucha Lemonade (12 pack)

OK Kombucha Lemonade (12 pack)

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Only available in 12 packs.

Cease consuming sugar and preservatives and indulge in premium, natural, 98% sugar free. Its time to revolutionise what you expect from a sparkling drink.

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OK, the Original Premium Kombucha. This hand-crafted, small-batch brewed Kombucha is innately representative of the wisdom of our ancestors and the latest scientific understanding.This artisan brew has propelled Kombucha to a new level of genius.Life came knocking and gave us some lemons, so we did what was only right by making lemonade. Prepare to be swept away by the refreshingly sweet taste of OKs Lemonade Kombucha. Weve ensured that only the best and brightest lemons make their way through our brew so that you can enjoy a tasty sparkling drink that is 98% sugar-free, 100% natural and pure bliss.

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100% Natural, 98% Sugar Free, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colours, No Artificial Flavours, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Dairy Free, Non Pasteurised, Vegan.


Kombucha (water, kombucha culture, organic green tea, raw organic cane sugar*) (97%), Natural flavours, Sea salt. *The sugar is consumed by the yeast and bacteria during fermentation.