Pretty Pod Collagen skincare healthy nails and hair

The ultimate beauty supplement

Pretty Pod is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to skin care. It delivers essential nutrients and vitamins for hair, skin and nails like no other. Complete your beauty routine with the ultimate beauty supplement. 

                     Pretty Pod Collagen pills skincare beautiful  hair and nails 
Pretty Pod is the first step of your skincare regime. Working from within, the signature blend of Phytoceramides, Silica, Rosehip and Vitamin C in a matrix of Collagen helps to plump and tighten your skin!


One of the most abundant proteins in our body, collagen acts as the “glue” that holds us together. Collagen is the part that keeps our skin all smooth and soft. Click on the photo to learn more!

Pretty Pod Pills Collagen skincare


Hello hydration! Phytoceramides penetrate all layers of the skin, harnessing the ability to lock in moisture from the inside out. These wheat-derived skin lovers act like a moisturiser that works from within. Click on the photo to learn more!

Pretty Pod Powder beautiful skin hydration skincare


Silica (a.k.a. Silicon Dioxide) is the beauty hero we all know and love, and boy does it have a lot to offer. A potent mineral naturally found in the body (mostly in our skin, bones, hair, tendons and blood vessels), Silica does an important job helping support and strengthen the skin’s connective tissue. Click on the photo to learn more!

Pretty Pod Pills hair and nails care


Queens of beauty have openly professed their love for it; A-Listers swear by it. Rosehip for skin health has been popping up everywhere, and for good reason! Rosehip is the naturally Vitamin C packed fruit, harvested after the petals of a rose have all fallen off. Click on the photo to learn more!

Pretty Pod rosehip skincare vitamin c healthy skin

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