We are innovators in health.

We strive to bring society the most innovative health products the earth has to offer.

We aim to provide accessible healthy alternatives to everyone.

We are passionate about improving the health consciousness and wellness of the world.

Ultimately, we are working to become to healthiest company on the planet.


We live and breathe health and love what we do. To us, health is not only about healthy eating habits. We believe the following pillars are the true foundations of a healthy being. We are on a mission to inspire, empower, energise and lead the world in sharing this passion and creating accessible health for everyone.


We have a culture of excellence. We ensure excellence in our products, our service, our attitude and our culture. We absolutely pride ourselves on going above and beyond in all aspects of Liquefy. We believe excellence comes from passion and hard work. Together, we work longer and harder than anyone else to push the needle and deliver outstanding results.

Honesty & Trust

Honesty is truly our number one policy at Liquefy, not only between one another but our customers too. We are honest in our products, honest in our ingredients, honest in our promises. We wanted to represent causes we honestly care about and can honestly promise to deliver on. Honesty and trust between each other are what sets us up to be a successful team of entrepreneurs.


At Liquefy we are all about leadership, not management. We believe with management comes ego, power and control and that is why we have removed the word from everyone’s title. We lead by example not opinions. We lead through empowerment and inspiration. Excellent leadership is the foundation to grow a high achieving, positive, healthy team. We leave egos at the door and work collaboratively to achieve our goals.


Ever heard of the saying two heads are better than one? At Liquefy we act collaboratively as a team and we believe that is what allows us to be superior innovators in health. We are empowered as a team. When we come together as a diverse group of people, every individual has value to add making us stronger leaders in health, enabling us to achieve, more effectively and efficiently, our AIMbitions. It is this collaborative mindset that establishes a foundation for strong relationships.


Relationships between colleagues, clients and customers are paramount to your success as a business. A strong relationship brings out the best in people and that’s what we strive to achieve at Liquefy.


At the root of health is positivity. Stemming from us at liquefy and expanding to our sales force and customers we believe positivity can be infectious. We are on a mission to help spread the positive health movement together and shape a happy and healthy future.


A balanced lifestyle, between work and play, healthy foods and treats, rest and exercise, fosters a positive and healthy mental and physical state.






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